About Us

Australia’s specialised supplier of adhesive-related products in the Australia & New Zealand market.

Australia’s specialised supplier of adhesive-related products in the Australia & New Zealand market.

We offer a diverse range of products relating to pressure sensitive adhesive labelstocks, digital print media for graphic signage, vehicle wraps and premium window films for both architectural and automotive applications.

At E Squared Australia, we strive to bring you the highest quality products to allow you to maximise your business potential, and are committed to being a trusted and dependable partner to your business.

Extensive knowledge of raw materials, coating capabilities, print methods, environmental and legislative requirements mean we’re able to take a holistic approach to your brief. We also carry out speculative development of our own in order to identify gaps in the market for new product.

We aim to provide you with the highest level of customer service and promise to bring you the latest innovative adhesive-related products the world has to offer.

In partnership with our principal supplier, LINTEC Corporation from Japan, we bring to you a range of innovative labelstock, tape and film solutions.

Australia’s leading provider of quality Lintec products.

About Lintec Corporation

LINTEC is a leading manufacturer of adhesive-related products. The company was established in 1934.

The product lineup covers many diverse products including adhesive papers and films for seals and labels, shatter-proof window films, adhesive sheets for outdoor signs, interior finishing mounting sheets, automobile-use adhesive products, semiconductor-related tape, and LCD-related adhesive products.

Our response to the needs of customers is a comprehensive approach that realises synergies between the soft elements (materials) and the hard elements (equipment). As a result, we develop and manufacture related equipment including labelling machines and semiconductor-related equipment.

We also develop and manufacture a variety of speciality papers, including colour papers for envelopes, release papers and films, and casting papers.