Aerospace & Military Identification

Aerospace & Military Identification

Industrial & Outdoor

As environments for both military and aerospace surfaces have very particular requirements, we engineered our own ground-breaking solutions that push the boundaries of pre-existing self-adhesive labels and comply with the highly standard requirements for the environmental conditions experienced by defence materials in service and used by the military.

Our materials are specifically designed and developed to withstand exposure to chemical and biological environments, extreme air pressure, thermal shock and prolonged solar radiation that such parts will constantly be exposed to, either fitted to portable field equipment, vehicles, fixed and rotary wings on aircraft, surface ships or submarines. Our engineering solutions can also handle for customers on a case-by-case development basis.

Abrasion Resistant

High Chemical Resistance

Outdoor Durability

UV Resistant

Excellent Durability

Superior Printability

Bespoke Development

High-Tack Adhesive


Exterior labels made from these films can withstand extreme climatic fluctuation combined with intense UV exposure, wind speed shear and attack from aggressive aviation hydraulic fluids, making them perfect for any commercial aircraft use.

Other applications include materials used to produce:

Mandatory markings
Information labelling
Component barcode identification
Security labels for passenger and cargo doors


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