Bubble-free Labelstock

Bubble-free Labelstock

Industrial & Outdoor

Our Bubble-free labelstock offers bubble-free application and it resists outgassing for the long term.

Any bubbles can be eliminated by slowly rubbing on the bubble itself, rather than pushing to the edge of the material. There is no need to remove and re-apply the label – this helps accelerate the labelling process and reduces wastage due to misapplication. If outgassing occurs around the label, the potential for any damage to the label is zero as it will allow gases to be released from the edges.


Superior Printability


Our bubble-free labelstock is easy to apply and produces a good quality finish. It can be printed using all conventional print methods – and it can even be overlaminated without compromising its functionality.

This ease of application and long-term bubble-free properties make this product a popular choice for electronics and plastic surfaces (particularly those which are prone to outgassing, such as ABS and PC).


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