Durafol® High Chemical Resistance

Durafol® High Chemical Resistance

Industrial & Outdoor

Durafol® has been developed for harsh environments and have extreme chemical and mechanical resistance which means it can be exposed to a variety of chemicals such as toluene, xylene, brake fluid, Skydrol® and acetone without compromising the print or top coatin, making them perfect within the automotive, aerospace, chemical storage and electronic industries.

A thermal transfer printable polyester, Durafol® enables production of on-demand high performance variably printed labels. 

Abrasion Resistant

High Chemical Resistance

Automotive Approved


Excellent Durability

Superior Printability

High-Tack Adhesive

Key features of Durafol® high chemical resistance labelstock:

Extreme resistance to harsh chemicals including cleaning fluids such as toluene, xylene, brake fluid, Skydrol® and acetone
Coated with a range of high performance adhesives to ensure outstanding adhesion on most surfaces
Durafol® polyester is available in matt white, matt silver and matt clear.


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