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Having your brand stand out to capture the customers interest and make them consider your product is part of the labels job. With incorporating visually appealing designs and textures to make your product feel and look more luxurious, you instantly spark interest. The other half is to provide clear information on the product and it’s use. These two put together reflect the brand image and enhance the consumer’s perception of the quality of the product. We provide high quality solutions for such applications. Our range of labelstocks will continue looking good for the lifespan of the product.

But we also provide labelstocks to make your day to day life easier.

We offer labels that can be used on domestic cleaning products and personal toiletries that are able to withstand exposure to chemicals and possible abrasions without losing their legibility.

As well as labels that can be used in the garden or workshop settings, designed to withstand abrasions or harsh outdoor conditions.


Environmentally Friendly

Optically Clear

Superior Printability

Removable Adhesive

Our labelstocks for use in everyday applications include:

Re-sealable – special adhesives create re-sealable labelling that resists oils, water and other liquids, making them ideal for applications such as wet wipe packaging.

Conformable – for contoured and semi-squeezable containers, our conformable labelstock withstands pressure and flexes to stay firmly in place throughout repeated handling.

Promotional – easy to apply, low-adhesion solutions for point of sale graphics and information labelling.

Recyclable and wash off – offering reliable label adhesion under normal conditions these specialist labelstocks are easily removed during the container cleaning process, supporting recycling and reuse of packaging.

Our labelstocks for use in luxury applications include:

Premium ‘Washi style’ – luxurious labelstocks that incorporate special fibres which subtly gleam when they catch the light, adding texture and visual appeal to high end product packaging.

Revi – the colour of this non-metal metallic tone overlaminating film changes depending on the viewing angle, adding to the aesthetics of the packaging. The colour of the print beneath the film alters the depth of the colour of the final label, enabling unique design possibilities. As no metal is present, it’s microwaveable and RFID-compatible.


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