Industrial Identification

Industrial Identification

Industrial & Outdoor

The industrial and outdoor environment requires products that can not only withstand the harsh settings but that can also go the distance. Our highly durable films have been developed to withstand the destructive power of these conditions. Some of our products include nameplates, branding, safety warning and instruction labels (including variable information data).

Overlaminating films can be added to protect the printed information and base material if it will be exposed to stronger chemicals or abrasions. No matter what type of surface you have, either a flat or a surface with curves, to the materials, be plastic or metal, our films come in varying degrees of flexibility with a wide range of adhesives to ensure the films remain firmly in place for the life of the product.

Abrasion Resistant

High Chemical Resistance

Outdoor Durability


Excellent Durability

Superior Printability

Bespoke Development

High-Tack Adhesive


Our pressure-sensitive tapes offer a wide range of combinations and along with different types of properties, makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, ranging from sales display to cutting edge electronic, automotive and mechanical components.

Options that we have available are:

Easy peel
Foam based
Low adhesion (for laminating and subsequent die-cutting and processing)
Silicone free, low outgassing series (for highly sensitive electronic applications)

We can also customise certain tape properties – such as weight and adhesive strength – to bespoke requirements.


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