Oil Absorbing

Oil Absorbing

Industrial & Outdoor

Applying labels onto oily surfaces can be near impossible even more making them stick for a long period of time. We offer oil absorbing labelstock with a unique adhesive to enable labels to be directly applied to oily surfaces. The adhesive absorbs the oil,* ensuring the labels stay firmly in place, in turn saving you the need for degreasing of such surface areas and saving considerable production time and cleaning material costs.

This labels have the added convenience to be printed on with conventional ink or using thermal transfer ribbon ensuring it will remain under all conditions.



High Chemical Resistance

Superior Printability


This high adhesion, printable labelstock can be employed for oil-contaminated surfaces in a variety of industries including:

Food processing
Hydraulic pipe and pumps

*These products are designed to be applied to oily surfaces, but results will vary depending on the oil’s composition. It is the user’s responsibility to determine end-use suitability.


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