Polyester Domed Badges

Polyester Domed Badges

Industrial & Outdoor

Domed badges add an extra dimension to any labelling requirement and if you’re looking to maximise graphic impact you may want to choose one from our wide range of films specifically designed for these products.

The films are designed for sheet production and are available with either paper or high performance polyester release liners. Polyester release liners eliminate the mottled ‘orange peel’ effect, offer a superior die-cutting surface, maximise dimensional stability and reduce rejects caused by resin overflow.

Abrasion Resistant

High Chemical Resistance

Outdoor Durability

Automotive Approved

Excellent Durability

Superior Printability

High-Tack Adhesive




Throughout the range, high performance adhesives deliver excellent adhesion in conjunction with chemical, temperature and UV resistance.

They are waterproof, scratchproof and non-fading making them suitable for both exterior and interior use. As a result, many leading European automotive companies approve them for production of badges and trim. They are also widely used for:

  • White goods
  • Computer hardware
  • Electronic items
  • Sports equipment


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