* Securafol® is a tamper-evident, non-PVC, destructible labelstock that offers a simple and effective solution to deter product tampering. The film is easy to apply but extremely difficult to remove. Any attempt to slightly remove it will cause it to fracture easily, further more it can’t be re applied without causing even more damage, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the security of your products. 

Superior Printability


Mainly suitable for pharmaceutical packaging, Securafol® can also be used for asset labels, product warranty labels and security seals. Securafol® film features a unique, 50% higher, tensile strength when compared to conventional destructible vinyl and offers near uniform machine and cross directional strength.

This unique tensile strength assists with waste matrix removal during label conversion and also minimizes the risk of accidental breakage of the label during transit (for example when sealing a carton box flap).


Securafol® features a superior topcoating to enable conventional printing and high resolution variable data printing via thermal transfer. The consistent hard-wearing topcoat, offers high levels of abrasion resistance when printed with a Lintec recommended ribbon.

The product has also been designed to be relatively rigid which makes it easier to handle during hand application and enables reliable high speed automatic application. Available in matt white and clear.

Typical applications include:

  • Medicinal/pharma product packaging
  • Asset labelling
  • Product warranty
  • Security seals


*Securafol® films meet the European requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive 201111/62/EU and comply with ISO21976:2018 and BS EN 16679:2014.


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