Security & Tamper-evident

Security & Tamper-evident


With tampering been a crucial point when it comes to any laboratory setting there is a growing requirement for packaging labels to be part of their strict security protocols.

We provide a variety of solutions to deter and reveal product tampering. Such solutions include labels that are easily damaged upon any attempt to remove them. Others will cause damage to the packaging itself, clearly showing an attempt was made to remove and alter the product.

Environmentally Friendly

Superior Printability


Tamper-evident ‘VOID’ security labelstock – a clear way to flag any attempt at interfering with products or packaging, if the label is removed this labelstock’s tamper-indicating properties will instantly reveal a ‘VOID’ message.

Destructible labelstock for security marking – if anyone attempts to remove the label, the material will fracture easily, thwarting any attempt to re-apply it. Designed to accept conventional inks and thermal transfer printing with resin and wax/resin ribbons, these labelstocks can be used to print on demand variable information labels.


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