Ultra-low Migration

Ultra-low Migration


In order to to reduce waste and recycle as much a possible , manufacturers are turning more to plastics not only to lessen costs but also keep to recycling what we are already using. The winner in this path is the environment. However,  this also requires thought  about the potential for migration, so packaging materials don’t leach through the plastic, potentially contaminating the medicine within.

Our specially engineered  labelstocks reduce the risk of contamination by offering an ultra-low migration adhesive but remain securely adhered to the surface. 


Superior Printability

Optically Clear

Key features of our ultra-low migration labelstocks:

  • Migration of adhesive components to the contained liquid is extremely minimal
  • Improved safety for labelling of plastic molded pharmaceutical packaging
  • Developed primarily for use on aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal fluid containers, the films are FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) compliant.


Potential applications:

  • Aseptic blow-fill seal (BFS) pharmaceutical liquid packaging
  • Aseptic traditionally packaged pharmaceutical liquids


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